Monday, April 5, 2010


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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My First Video Blog

Here is some behind the scenes footage of DWTS. Please, Please PLEASE VOTE!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This week Chelsie and I are dancing the Latin Jive. Its really a fun dance and it fits my personality. However, it really takes a toll on your body. We have only had a few days to practice this dance. Unlike the Waltz having its light and easy rise and fall, the jive is danced into the floor. At least at my level of dancing. Kicks, quick turns, telemarks, dips and speed make up a really nicely choreographed number that Chelsie has come up with. I'm just hoping I can do it justice.
Each time we run the routine its like sprinting for about a minute and a half. We are both out of breath each time. My knees and feet hurt. Chelsie has been complaining about her right arm. Both of us are very sore and need rest. Actually all of the 11 couples are tired and its only the beginning.
I had my first Thai massage yesterday. Wow.... It was a little strange but very relaxing. I'm laying on my face and I can feel this little 4'11" Thai lady climbing all over me bending my body in all these strange stretches. Totally recommend it! It was a saving grace. I don't think I could have danced today with out it.
This morning we rehearsed in the dance studio for 45 minutes and then went to the soundstage where Dancing With The Stars is taped Live. We go through our routine a couple of times for lighting and camera positioning. Its also good practice because the floor in the soundstage feels a little different.
A quick spray tan and off to relax and think about tomorrows show.
I keep telling myself relax and have fun. I sure could use a good nights sleep. Its a little nerve racking as there is going to be an elimination on Tuesday. With that said.... Everyone remember to vote.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Last night was so much fun! The day started at 8a on the soundstage where Dancing with the Stars is filmed. Chelsie and I ran through the routine 3 times with the live band. This is so we can get the feel and tempo down. Its really different than dancing to a soundtrack. I was getting so nervous. Actually all of the couples were.
Hair and makeup, and then practice walking down the curving staircase. Then run the routine again in full costume.

This week in preparation I have been icing down joints and taking advantage of massages from Vienna. She has been such a trooper!

Everyone was telling me Live TV is really nerve racking. It appears that almost 25 million people were watching lastnight. Thats insane!
When Chelsie and I went back to stage to prepare for live dance, thats when the nerves really got to me. I will say it again from the Bachelor. My tie, or in this case bowtie felt like a snake wrapped around my throat. Chelsie was a little nervous too.
When I stepped out, it was just me Chelsie and that dance floor. The Waltz was over in a flash!
I felt a bit honored to be heckled by Bruno. Some of the things he said are right on the money.

Next week is the Latin Jive. Its a really quick highenergy dance. So today its back to 6 plus hours in the studio.
Thank you so much for all of the support last night. I read and am still reading through all of the tweets and facebook messages.
Keep the VOTES coming!!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vienna and I went to Florida this past weekend to visit her parents. I haven't seen them since the filming of The Bachelor in November.
Her family is great! We really had a good time dodging paparazzi. Its a little strange being thrust into the spotlight all of the sudden.
This weekend Vienna's Family and I went out on a boat on the St. John river. Its kind of in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the river there is a small isolated island where alligators sun themselves. I was looking for gators and saw up in a palmtree a guy with a telephoto lense taking pictures.
Two questions: 1. How did he get out there? 2. Did he make it back to shore in the gator infested waters....?

Oh... Its crazy. US Weekly interviewed my dry cleaners... LOL! Thats just great! Now all of America knows I like light starch.

Training for DWTS is a crazy life changing event.
My days consist of, getting up at 5:30am 7 days a week. I have a bit of quiet time and then grab an 800 clean calorie breakfast.
(Oatmeal, Eggs, Almond butter, Spark by advocare, Banana, Blueberries all blended together.)
I then stretch for 30mins, and work my core and lowerback. I spend minimum 45 mins every morning studying dance routines on youtube of pro ballroom and latin dance couples. Then off to the studio.
I feel myself mentally getting stronger, not to mention the dance routines are such a powerful core workout. I'm not a whoow-as-me type guy, and not pulling a sympathy card, but this dance stuff everyday is rough on your body. I don't know how Chelsie does it. I have 2 blisters on my feet. 3 pulled muscles in my back, and I don't sleep a whole lot thinking of the competition coming up. But when you get right down to it. Everyday we are in the studio for 5-6 hours, at least, there's been dramatic improvement everyday.
Chelsie is a pretty hardcore dance instructor and she knows her stuff cold! . I've really been having a great time. So far we have run through 5 of the possible dances for this season.

Its easy to overstress and lose sight of what this really all about. The most important thing is to have a blast. Probably the best advice Jillian Harris gave me before the Bachelor started filming. Even if I fall down night one and break my arm I'm going to have fun doing it.

My blogs will start to happen more frequently and will definetly get one written before the DWTS premier this Monday Night on ABC. Keep the facebook and twitters going! Im trying to answer all of the messages on there.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My First BLOG!

I want to start off with the deepest sympathy for Marie Osmond and family for their tremendous loss. My heart goes out to you!

Season 14 on The Bachelor was incredible! I want to thank everyone for their huge support. I have received and read all the fan mail. Thank you for taking the time to write the very nice letters. Some of you wrote me from The Bachelorette. I have not forgetten about you. I WILL be writing everyone back. Just bear with me for a few months as my life is really crazy.

I am so honored to be one of the celebrity contestants on Dancing With The Stars! My dance experience is very basic. I've taken a couple of lessons, but that was simply so that I knew the basic country 2 and 3 step.

I never thought I would say this as a guy. My feet hurt. They put me in these low rise dance heels. Girls, I will never make fun of you again when you say your feet are sore. I get it! The studio Chelsie and I are practicing in is surrounded in mirrors. Normally this would help the dancers, but I find it very intimidating. Here I am dancing with Chelsie, who's so graceful and light on her feet and I'm clomping around. Lol...! Today, I got so embarrassed at my freestyle dancing, I had to stop and laugh at myself. I caught two of Chelsie's elbows todays. Cheek and nose. She spins with wild intensity! Its really easy to get hurt on the floor. If its not her elbow its her ponytail slapping me in the face. My reflexes have gotten very fast dodging hair.

My first dance this season will be the Viennese Waltz to Seal's Kissed by a Rose. As frustrating as learning to dance can be, this is sooooo much fun!!

Stay tuned as I will be blogging and twittering regularly!