Sunday, March 28, 2010

This week Chelsie and I are dancing the Latin Jive. Its really a fun dance and it fits my personality. However, it really takes a toll on your body. We have only had a few days to practice this dance. Unlike the Waltz having its light and easy rise and fall, the jive is danced into the floor. At least at my level of dancing. Kicks, quick turns, telemarks, dips and speed make up a really nicely choreographed number that Chelsie has come up with. I'm just hoping I can do it justice.
Each time we run the routine its like sprinting for about a minute and a half. We are both out of breath each time. My knees and feet hurt. Chelsie has been complaining about her right arm. Both of us are very sore and need rest. Actually all of the 11 couples are tired and its only the beginning.
I had my first Thai massage yesterday. Wow.... It was a little strange but very relaxing. I'm laying on my face and I can feel this little 4'11" Thai lady climbing all over me bending my body in all these strange stretches. Totally recommend it! It was a saving grace. I don't think I could have danced today with out it.
This morning we rehearsed in the dance studio for 45 minutes and then went to the soundstage where Dancing With The Stars is taped Live. We go through our routine a couple of times for lighting and camera positioning. Its also good practice because the floor in the soundstage feels a little different.
A quick spray tan and off to relax and think about tomorrows show.
I keep telling myself relax and have fun. I sure could use a good nights sleep. Its a little nerve racking as there is going to be an elimination on Tuesday. With that said.... Everyone remember to vote.
Every vote counts and you get 11 votes per phone number. You can also vote online.

Thank you everyone for your support!!!




  1. Jake,

    You're going to do just fine! Have faith! Will be rooting you and Chelsie on tomorrow night! Make sure your personality shows in the routine. Have fun!

  2. Jake and Chelsie,
    Best of luck tomorrow night...
    I will be watching and will vote for you
    Also, Jake, post some pics of you and Chelsie together on your blog...

  3. Mr.Palveka,
    I love what your doing on DWTS
    Maybe for inspiration try watching Saturday Night Fever or The Richard Gere film,Shall We Dance-just a friendly suggestion


  5. I love reading your blog! Keep us posted.

  6. Good luck to you and Chelsie!! Will be watching and voting for you guys!!

  7. Good luck on tonight's DWTS, Jake. You got my votes...21 total. Have a blast and lots of fun.

  8. Good luck tonight and most of all HAVE FUN!!

  9. Jake, You don't look dumb or inadequate in any way when you dance. Being a pilot, you are probably more used to your logic side. The dancing side is more like your woodwork and furniture building. Think of the dance you are doing as something you are building creatively. You look totally athletic, able, and engaging. Keep that chin and your self-confidence UP!

  10. You and Chelsie totally complimented each other tonight. You were prepared and it showed!! You showed such excitement and everyone could feel the energy from your dance. Great job!!!!

  11. Jake
    Tonight you looked awsome. Great Job!

  12. Jake!

    I love watching you on Dancing with the Stars! You are very charismatic, so please keep your self confidence up, and keep up the wonderful work! I know you love your job, so I hope you get back to flying soon! I'm glad to see that I share a same passion as you =)

  13. OK I may be an obnoxious grammar nerd-I'm enjoying your blog except for missing apostrophes in several places. For example: "It's (not its) really a fun dance..."

  14. How are you doing Jake? What's the next dance? Keep up the good work! You are Awesome!! Loved the beginning of the dane with the Microphone! That was amazing! Can't wait for next week!!!

  15. Jake you are doing fantastic. I watched the Bachelor and never missed a week of it. As long as you are still on DWTS, I will watch faithfully. You go Jake.

  16. Jake,
    Glad you made it through the first elimination keep up the good work good luck next week with the quickstep i will be watching and i will vote for you online and on the phone keep the blogs coming i love reading them.

  17. I voted last night! And got all my friends to vote too! Sorry you guys were in the bottom two! I loved the song you did Monday night! I thought it was great! I'll keep doing my best to pass on the information to have people vote!
    You guys looked amazing! Good luck! xoxo

  18. dude you're fuckin GAY that's why you didn't work out with Vienna! Talking she disrespected you so you didn't wanna throw her on the bed and "love on her"...just that wording proves you're GAY...just face it and quick hiding in the closet...go on the Bachelorette next time and find you a good man! lol seriously though!